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Announcement : Bookmark app re-enabled & how to sync bookmarks

During the latest upgrade of the cloud we ran into some unexpected challenges. The news apps was already announced retired due to lack of active development of the app, but the bookmark app was disabled due to some unexpected issues during the latest cloud upgrade. It's now been re-enabled and we are still working with the upstream community and developer of the bookmark app to fix the remaining issue, which does not load all bookmarks initially. You can however, click on the tags among the list on the left menu to get bookmarks listed by tags.

How can i sync bookmarks from my cloud account to my browser(s)? The communitiy has come up with Floccus that is a browser extension. As of today, there are two extensions for Firefox [1] and Chrome [2]  which you can use to sync your bookmarks. For Android platform, we hope to get an extension in the future.

Our apologies with the delay in re-enabling the bookmarks app and the current existing bug that we are working to fix.

Thank you for understanding.




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